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    I allow kids to sit in the 3rd seat of my '64 wagon w/the roof open. Most folks haven't seen one let alone sat in one. What's a station wagon? Who makes one today? The parents and kids appreciate the moment as I usually wind up taking a picture for them. Usually good PR.
    Rob in PA.


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      Originally posted by JimC View Post
      Bob - I said it in a thread elsewhere, but I'm a firm believer that idiots are everywhere. There's always going to be someone going too far. I will admit that a few weeks ago, I almost had a panic attack as I observed from a distance my son and his friend (both 3 and a half) deciding to climb on my trunk lid, pull themselves onto the roof, and then slide down onto the hood. I ran up, expecting dents, scratches, cracked glass. I discovered that even with this unauthorized roughhousing, the only damage was that they left some smears where they were sliding. A trip through the car wash and it was all better.

      Stuff like what you mentioned might bug me if I had a fresh $7000 paint job on my car, but the truth is, it's a 10 year old MAACO finish. It's not going to break my heart if it gets a scratch or two.

      Some folks want their cars to be rolling museums. I'm happy to have mine a rolling Childrens' Museum
      Don't have show cars myself. But they are decent drivers. Kids sliding on ft fender of my '33 were wearing jeans. Any idea what those brass thingees do to a lacquer paint job? Fortunately, I was much younger then and did my own paint work, so all it took was my time and materials to fix. The '41 had just been painted. After hours of blocking, the girl put a nice little crease in the top of the fender. It was still there when I sold the car. Unless i were willing to remain at my car to monitor the idiots, I still would not encourage them. But I like to wander and see the other cars and swap meets so I am usually not by my car much.

      BTW. my cars are all drivers. The '33 made about 4 round trips from MI to Daytona and my Stude has been there 5 times. Driven, not trailered. But because they are drivers and not show cars does NOT give anyone the right to mistreat them.

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        I love the idea of the sign! I'm reminded again of a gf of mine whom was at a car show with me where my Ford was at a church we used to attend (she might still) and of course my Ranchero is much more rare than the car which she decided open *gasp!* open the driver door. She was reading the body style number, and the owner (male) came back, and just became very vocal with her. She apologised, and left wondering what she had done. I said, well obviously this guy thinks more of his car than he does himself as he looked like he hadn't seen a salad in over a decade. I told her that I didn't care if people touched mine, or sat in it.

        Some of these people with older cars seem to value them as more than machines. People infer to me that I'm going to use my car as a hobby or toy car. I tell them, well considering I'm doing all the work to it myself, thus far. I'm going to drive it as much as I please. Then I ask what happens if I get into an accident with it. I tell them, then I get into an accident. People to me have very odd expectations of older car. I think of them as simply cars to be driven. Then I ask them to go and purchase a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, drive it into a garage and store it for 30 years or only drive it once in a while because it could possibly at some point be involved in an automobile accident. They look at me like I insulted their mum. They don't quite understand the logic of such a statement.
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          I overheard a mother telling her children not to touch my truck. I thanked her for her consideration and then asked the kids if they would like to climb in the back.

          I think they liked it. Good lookin young'uns aren't they Lou....

          Click image for larger version

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          Jon Stalnaker
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            Nice sign. I will offer to have folks sit in, not on, my car for pictures. I have modified "Do Not Touch" signs in the past, I think I will follow your example and make one.
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              a few years ago, i was taking a pic of an Auburn from a diagonal angle at a show, and apparently got too close to the right front fender of a '65 Mustang with my bee-hind as i backed up for the pic. i got chewed out from the female owner for "touching" it!!! i sincerely apologized, but don't think i actually made contact.

              about an hour later, i went back to take a good look at the Mustang - the rock chips, orange peel etc. made me feel better if i did accidentally touch it. didn't see any "butt-print".

              i'm not sure i'll go with a "please touch" sign on the '51, but i'll certainly let disciplined children with a parent to sit in the driver's seat. i may even let the parent do the same!
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                Well then, how 'bout "please touch but don't climb on it since it aint no mountain!"...?
                This is where that picture-that-refuses-to-get-in-here would be...


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                  Was attending a meeting once for a new Chapter that was trying to get itself off the ground and saw something I will never forget.

                  One attendee had a pretty customized C/K that apparently was painted by Da Vinci or Michelangelo. A Studebaker family was looking at all the cars when the oldest son (10 or so) wanted to peek inside this guy's car. He already had his hands behind his back and lightly placed one against the door handle so he could lean in to get a better look inside - the owner just about came unglued and yelled at the boy to get away from his car. He then proceeded to give the father and mother a lecture on what oils/contaminants human skin has and how you should never touch a cars paint with a bare hand. Needless to say I never saw the family again at a meeting over the next five or so years I was a member.

                  I have no problem with people touching one of my vehicles. When it looks like someone is trying to see something inside, I always tell them that the doors are not broken and they are more then welcome to open them up for a better look. If they do open the door, I them tell them to see if it will shut by putting it a couple inches from closing and giving it a slight push - they are usually pretty impressed by how easily the doors on an old car shut. People are used to giving modern doors a good slam to get them shut - I remember being chewed out as a kid for slamming the door on one my father's Studebakers - he explained that they were made well enough they did not need to be slammed. His 1970 Chevelle was a different story...