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    I got the new windshield for my 55 Champion K Body from Kidwell Glass in Orangvale CA (Sacramento). They installed it perfectly using the old gasket. I couldn't be more satisfied. Any good glass vendor should be able to get you a new windshield. Some will not be familiar with how to install it.


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      I found a place not that far from here that has a listing for Studebaker windshields. Might be too far for you but perhaps they can refer someone.

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        Sometimes a local glass shop can have your windshield glass shipped in for way less than you can get it shipped to you. They bulk ship a lot of glass in at one time, and have the channel established for that purpose. If you have a GOOD local glass shop, give them a try. Personally, if they are older experienced guys, I'd let them install it too, unless you feel really good about doing it. I've had successes and failures...

        Not all glass shops are competent though. Last year I took the old GMC motorhome in to the local glass shop to have a small rock chip repaired, the guy first charged me $75, then proceeded to break his diamond bit off in the windshield, and leave it there with about 1/4" of the shank sticking out to tear up the wiper blade. There was no way to remove the bit, it is stuck forever. Of course since the shank was filling the hole he was trying to make to inject the resin, the repair also did not take place, but he pointed to some fine print in the receipt saying they did those repairs on a "best effort" basis, with no guarantee and no refunds. I used my Dremmel tool to grind away the end of the shank, but the bit is still in the glass, as are the growing cracks. At about $600 per side for those large glass windshields, I'll live with it for now...
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