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'63 Lark sketch or blueprints?

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  • '63 Lark sketch or blueprints?

    Does anyone have/know where to find sketches/blueprints/drawings of the exterior for a '63 Lark? I've been trying to finish a project I'm working on with sketches I made myself based on my car, but it's slower-going than I'd like. The perfect answer would be line drawings like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    but for a '63.

    Thanks to anyone who can be of help!
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    The archives across the street from the museum in South Bend have rows of racks of rolls of engineering drawings/schematics/blue prints etc. I'd bet if you contacted Andy Beckman about what you are looking for, he could help. Other than that, Ebay often has lots of factory photos of that vintage Studebakers for sale.


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      In the past I made nice profile line drawings of Hawk's using the body parts book (using the trim identification pages).
      Nice scan and then clean out all the parts identifier arrows and lines...
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        What if you just trade your '63 for a '59 4-door... ;-)
        Tom - Bradenton, FL

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          Your best bet would be to scan the drawing out of the '59-'64 body parts catalog, blow it up, and edit out the numbers and arrows for part numbers. Each individual body part of the car (fenders, doors, trim, etc.) has its own individual part number; therefore it has its own blueprint. There would have only been one blueprint for the entire side, front, rear, and top of the car, and that goes for any model. Those sketches would have been used in the styling department and then given to the pattern department to make the patterns for the stamping dies to make the body panels; and then each individual blueprint for the fenders, doors, etc; would come from those master drawings. The problem with those full body prints is that there would have only been one set and probably one blueprint copy, and they would have been drawn in full scale. Since the entire side of a car doesn't have one part number, we don't have those prints at SI. The museum archives might have them, but they would be a real pain to scan and scale down. We sell copies of the '59-'64 body catalog if you need one.
          Chris Dresbach


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            Would anyone be willing to scan those pages and email them to me? My only copy of the body parts and chassis books are on CD, and while they're a great reference, they sorta look like they were run through an '80's fax machine a half dozen times, so they wouldn't be good enough to base my plans from.

            I've been toiling over this for too long, so any help is greatly appreciated. I'll even buy you the brew of your choosing if we ever meet up at a Studebaker function.

            '63 Lark Custom, 259 v8, auto, child seat

            "Your friendly neighborhood Studebaker evangelist"