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    I just found a new project owner thinks it is a 1930 Studebaker. The only thing I have is a tag on the fire wall with (41-w-1 1726) stamped on it. Can anyone help me find out what I really have?

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    Hi and welcome to our great forum!
    I can't break down your body tag for you but, there are many knowledgable folks here who will help you.
    If you could post a photo or two of this Studebaker, that would help.
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      That would be a 1932 Studebaker Rockne "75" four door sedan. An economy car produced by Studebaker in two series staring in the 1932 model year. The "75" model 41 was produced only in the 1932 model year. The companion car was a "65" was produced for two years 1932-33.
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