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    Let's airplane, beautiful car.....beautiful air plane, cool car........well you know what I mean. Great pictures thanks for this wonderful thread.
    Joe Roberts
    '61 R1 Champ
    '65 Cruiser
    Eastern North Carolina Chapter


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      Originally posted by Steve T View Post
      Love the "kustom" Lark with the Fort...if it's hi-res enough that ought to be a TW cover.

      Re the lamented "Liberty Belle", don't count her permanently down and out; at last word (i.e. the most recent issue of Warbird Digest magazine) the eventual intent was for her to be restored alongside the Liberty Foundation's other Fort (recovered from Dyke Lake, Labrador, up here in Canada), with both B-17s slated for flight again.

      "Sentimental Journey" spent several days at CWH last month. Her outboard R1820s were both Studebaker at that time. (Note that none of the engines on a Fort ought to be "Pratt & Whitney"; the R1820 Cyclone was a Wright Aeronautical/Curtiss-Wright product. A bit of trivia, though: there were some Pratt & Whitney-built R1820s. When deHavilland Canada built a batch of S2F Tracker antisub aircraft under licence from Grumman for the RCN in the late 50s, the engines were to be made in Canada too...and the contract for the Trackers' R1820s went to Pratt & Whitney Canada! Sort of like contracting Ford Canada to build some SBCs.)

      Steve, you got a PM..