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    Well my champ showed up this week. Was suppose to be a new project but not this much. Not as rust free as told, some rust in floor translates to floors not there. Although the Rt side which where in the pictures sent is better than the Lt side.. Little rust in bottom of doors and rockers means needs new rockers and door bottoms. Plan was to put this on a s-10 frames so I will most likely build dropped floors with foot wells in the front. The box has to go as it's that ugly dodge 8' box. Plan there is use a lark wagon or a new step side of some make. Then add a 350-700r4 or a 5.3 and trans. from a late model chev pickup. The dash and seats I was thinking maybe out of a mkz like what I have in my everyday driver. The cab is about a 1/2" to narrow in front but I think I can get what I need by reworking the windsheild posts on the inside and front edge of the doors. Time will tell or see if I can part it out and get most of my moeny back.

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    Ouch Steve, the photo of the floor hurts my eyes! It appears you have a short wheelbase, 6 foot long bed and the trim on the front fenders looks like that of a 1961 model. If you intend to modify a station wagon, then all you need is the roof anyway. Find a rust-free 1959-61 two-door wagon (I suppose a 4-door wagon would work also, up to 1962) and you will be in good shape.
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      I think a Champ with a step-side Ranger bed is a cool pairing.
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