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You thought your LAST restoration was a challenge...

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  • You thought your LAST restoration was a challenge...

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    Yep, that was in a barn just prior to being outside for the last 20 years. Yikes.


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      Try out car for the Dukes of Hazard.


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        Never have seen a car with a frame that bad!
        Yes, have seen many unibody cars sag by the cowl once the rocker assembly's give out.
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          Must have ran when parked...
          As bad as that looks, I've seen worse. Much worse. It might made a good parts car though, but that engine is probably stuck.
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            Originally posted by 57pack View Post
            Never have seen a car with a frame that bad!
            Yes, have seen many unibody cars sag by the cowl once the rocker assembly's give out.
            I don't know if this is particular to Studes or I just have noticed them more over the years but I can think of at least three others (2-53/54's and a finned coupe) that sat along Northern Michigan roads for many years. They all eventually looked like this one with the broken frame. I just never thought to stop and ask about parts as I was too new to them to realize the value of the grill and light parts. They have been gone for a number of years though.

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              That should buff right out.
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                Good grief, about the only parts that are not rusted half away, would be what Stainless Steel is left!
                The Engine is missing a bit more than the Supercharger and what is left of it is mostly badly damaged.

                I don't think there is $200.00 worth of scrap metal left, and not much more for any good parts.
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                  That car belongs on this thread: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...light=rustiest



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                    I was thinking bidding on know to have a driver stude while I build mine. I figure give a good tune up, a couple of ratchet straps, clean out the gas tank..
                    ......I wonder if i'll make the drive home


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                      You can probably take a silverhawk, and modify the hardtop components into it....and take the salvageable panels to repair...the more you think about it...the harder of a challenge it seems best to wait for the next golden hawk to come along....except for a few wall hangers, and some specific parts golden hawk parts to take...this car is pretty gone.
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                        Looks like a pretty easy resto. All you need is a nice donor car to put under the ID plates.


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                          Thats heartbreaking.


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                            Originally posted by jnormanh View Post
                            Looks like a pretty easy resto. All you need is a nice donor car to put under the ID plates.
                            ^^^^ This! ^^^^

                            I tend to look at everything as a service part. Start with the frame...

                            Did they come in white & blue?
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                              Good grief guys! Someone posts a car here, and all anyone ever does is pick it to pieces! Seriously!

                              (Admittedly, it's easier to pick a car apart when it's mostly fallen apart on its own )

                              On a more serious note, it's sad to see one in this shape. I can almost see what happened. The Supercharger went out in the early 60's, so the owner parked it, popped the hood, and pulled the supercharger to fix. It was going to be a quick fix, so he just left the hood up. Then he got a promotion at work. Then hid kids had baseball games. Then he just found better things to do. Every day he'd see the thing sitting at the back of the property, hood open, and remind himself that he'd eventually get around to it.

                              In the late 60's, someone knocked on his door, told him he had a great looking Golden Hawk, and made a decent offer. The guy said no; it just needed the supercharger rebuilt, and he's going to do that this weekend. In the 70's, someone else pointed out that he had a pretty rare car, and it wouldn't be too hard to bring it back. "No," he said, refusing the offer, "I'm going to get to that soon."

                              And so it went, In the 80's someone still offered him money in hopes it could be restored. Then, in the 90's, the guy got his first offer to buy it as a "parts car". He was furious. This is no parts car. Sure, the front end was starting to shift, but it's restorable. He clung to the car more than before, because nobody else could appreciate it.

                              Finally, he died. In the estate sale, some young guy bought it. Assuming a lot of things, he hooked a chain to the front end to pull it out. As the last threads of metal in a mostly rust frame failed, the car split, leaving the wheelbase several inches longer than original in the process. With nowhere else to go, he logged onto ebay, and there it is today.

                              The moral of the story: No, you won't get around to it, so let someone else have that Studebaker. (Ideally me! )
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