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electical troubles ?

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  • electical troubles ?

    Had the Champ out today,trip out was good.about half way home,started to run crappy "first I thought fuel" but then realised that it appears the system is not chargeing and it's running out of power/charge.when I had the first guy give me a jump We noticed the push in wire had come out of the alt.,and pushed it back in thinking ok it was not chrgeing.on my way again,until a few miles it stutters and dies again.stop at a bodyshop and the fellas there gave Me a new end to crimp on for the push in wire for the alt. "as it had fallen out again" and gave Me a couple minute with a bat. charger and off I go I'm a mile from home I tried the horn and no go"it does work" and as I pushed the horn the truck seemed to stutter even more than without,so then I turned the lights on for a second,and it stuttered more than with the lights off,well I was about 30' short of my drivway and it died the 3rd. time so I jumped it myself and limped it to my amp gauge"I have 64 Lark type gauges in the dash" usually shows a little on the charge side when driveing the truck and has done so for two years after doing an engine swap and going to alt. from gen. but today it seemed to stay dead center "and it never once showed dis-charge for what it's worth" so what should I be looking at ? alt., reg., ? oh and when I was at the bodyshop with the truck running and lights on,and then shut truck off with lights on He said there was no noticed dimming ???
    Joseph R. Zeiger

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    Hi Joe,
    I suspect when the wire came loose from your alternator, it took out a diode.
    Think you need a repair/rebuild or another alternator.
    Had the reverse problem with my Dad's 1964 Commander years ago, started charging like crazy!
    Found it had a stuck regulator.
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      It is a dead Alternator or the Terminal inside the Alt. that your wire plugs into has come loose inside possibly causing more problems. You need to see an Automotive Electrical Shop.

      If it is a Prestolite and is expensive to rebuild, just have them sell you a rebuilt Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic Alt.
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