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    Originally posted by Dick Steinkamp View Post
    Now THAT'S just gorgeous! Fantastic attention to detail (including the routing of the brake booster vacuum hose).

    Any other pics of that car?
    Thank you Mr. S..
    Your car is a real show piece as well..
    My dad is a Plumbing contractor.. I got my tube bending skill from him and his philosophy..
    "I don't care if the pipe is behind the wall, GOD can see it.."


    Originally posted by 63t-cab View Post
    Sebastian, what is that black/silver unit in front of the fuel filter ?
    Mr. Z,

    That is the fuel pressure regulator..

    I am running an electric pump and it it puts out about 9 psi continuous.

    I put the regulator in front of the filter because of the return line..

    The regulator is set to 4.5 psi to make the Carter AFB happy and it maintains 4.5 psi even with the return line flow.
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