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1957 studebaker transtar

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  • 1957 studebaker transtar

    I bought a 1957 transtar pickup on bill of sale in Missouri can I get title some how...dose any one know how ???? email

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    Contact your Missouri DMV.
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      This problem has been discussed many times, so it might be worthwhile to try the search function for words like title. A lot depends on your DMV and its local office. Many states are very strict, while others grant a lot of local authority. Some states have a procedure whereby you post a bond to prove that the vehicle wasn't stolen, which is returned to you after a period of time if no reports of theft appear. Some states require a police inspection of the VIN plate, but most do not. There are companies like Broadway Title that will provide you with a title, but their paperword is not accepted by some states, and they are pricey.
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        MO has an abandoned vehicle/salvage title system in place like many other states. This link will give you a clue as to the process in MO. It is usually more a pain than an impossibility. Think of it as removing one more frozen door bolt!