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    There is a 1962 Hawk up for sale on eBay right now. I want to buy it and use the chassis and dash for my 53 hardtop. Problem is the car is in Denver CO and I'm in Pasadena CA.
    My question. Is there anyone closer to me which might have a Hawk which I can use as a donor car for the chassis, clutch pedal assembly and dash components?

    Thanks all.

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    Talk to Bob Peterson up in Hayward.


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      I have a frame from a Packard hawk I also have the dash from the same car. The Frame has pedals on it in Fresno ca
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        Ok Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll hold off on the one in Colorado if there is enough here in California.


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          The one in Colorado might have a rust problem, and what you need to keep in mind when making this swap the you also need the later longer rear springs, I have a pair of 63's but not for the price of the one in Colorado, I have parted out so many of these in the past and they sometimes are worth more for the pieces than selling as a whole car, if interested let me know, I also deliver to So. Cal if needed...Bob 510-266-2522
          Castro Valley,


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            Thanks Bob. I do want to swap out the chassis on my 53. I had been on the fence about the direction I want to go on my car. Right now it needs a lot of work. The body is in good shape but the motor smokes, automatic trans doesn't go into third and I get sea sick riding in it. I like to drive and at times I want to drive hard. Not looking for Porsche handling but responsive. I want three pedals at the floor board.
            The things I need to track down is a 62/63 chassis. Clutch/brake pedal assembly. Better rear end. Not sure if the later models have tapered axles but a posi would be nice.
            The 62/63 dash is what I'd like to put in the 53. Just love that look.
            I've got cash if you all have the parts. Lets talk!