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    The September 2007 Indiana Preservationist magazine arrived in today's mail. This is the periodical of Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana.

    Each issue has a regular feature known as Preservation Scorecard. It classifies and reports historic properties around Indiana as being in one of three catagories: SAFE, TOO CLOSE TO CALL, or OUT. You can probably figure out what each catagory means!

    Happily, the first of seven properties reported in the SAFE column this month is The Studebaker Administration Building. Here's the entirety of what they had to say (their bold face repeated here, not added):

    "When The South Bend Community School Corporation moved out of The Studebaker Administration Building in South Bend, locals thought the size of the 1909 structure -150,000 square feet- made it unappealing to developers. Historic Landmarks placed the Renaissance Revival-style landmark on our Ten Most Endagered List in 2006 and attracted a buyer. Heritage Restoration and Development Group LLC of Salt Lake City, Utah, plans a multi-million dollar rehabilitation to convert the auto industry landmark into a high-tech office building."

    [Dick Quinn: With SDC interest in the building running high, might this mention be squeezed in the November 2007 Turning Wheels Almanac? ...and/or the next Antique Studebaker Review?...just a thought...]


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