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Help on accessory # 1-443934

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  • Help on accessory # 1-443934

    Item looks to be an emblem. What does it go to and how rare are they? I found one nos , perfect condition and am curious on what they are worth too. Thank you
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    Hi Joe, Do you have a photo of your emblem you could post, if possible?
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      Most 400xxx series part numbers are Packard.


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        That is correct Mike, and most 400's are Detroit Packards.

        UGH! I tried to help by checking the '48 to '54 Packard Parts Catalog, they are SOooo poor it is crazy stupid! No part number index, no pictures just terrible lists of part numbers with no reference to what they look like as in a Studebaker Parts Catalog.

        Completely hopeless, unless you already know exactly where it goes on the Car.
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          It's the emblem that snaps into the horn ring. This one should be green in color and is for 1953 Clipper.