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    The wife and I went out twice today, for about 60 miles in the 63GT, with her behind the wheel every mile. Having driven her other 63GT from 1998-2004, for over 40,000 miles, it is coming back to her pretty quickly. This car is as close to the earlier car as possible, as far as driver controls that are familiar to her: FOM with column shift; AFB clone (Edlebrock) carb; PD brakes; power steering, and AC.

    She's liking it more & more with each mile.

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    Good deal, Joe

    I had the Avanti out yesterday to a local show and everytime I get behind the wheel, I need to pay attention to the different dimensions of it for the first few turns.

    But then, my attention just goes to the exhaust noise and the some-what better acceleration it has and I just drive it like I own it, "cause I do.

    Hope she puts a ton of miles on it.