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'64 Challenger FS on Copart......

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  • '64 Challenger FS on Copart......

    Although missing the engine, the rest of the car looks clean and rust free. Looks like a good project car. All you need is a 289!

    Please circulate to others that are looking for a diamond in the rough. I bet she was always a West Coast girl!

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    64Sxxxxx is originally a six, correct? Does that seem to be the correct trans for a Stude 6? Steve


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      Yes, it was originally a six, and an automatic.

      That is a strange car: It has a complete Daytona interior, including the door panels, two-tone steering wheel, and deluxe horn ring! But it does not have the Appearance Kit (stainless-steel window and backlight trim, and a hood ornament).

      Meanwhile, the exterior has front and rear bumper guards, quad headlights, and wheel covers. Those were certainly available on Challengers, but still rare, especially on a car without the Appearance Package.

      Strange. BP
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        Looks like it could be a decent car. For some reason I thought it was closer when I posted. Steve