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  • Scam, phishing?

    Craigslist: 61 Studebaker Champ

    Anyone know this Champ? I have tried to contact them for weeks. I get the same response each time to send my email and no other details come through. Its too nice a truck for the price so I thought right from the beginning its too good to be true. Any help?

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    The Ad sure looks very normal to me, no poorly structured sentences or misspelled words etc.

    The first clue to the low price is it's 6, not really that far off.

    It is odd though that you cannot reach someone since the Ad is still up, how could you Pay a scammer if you can't reach them?
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      the owner of the Champ just may be super cautious about getting scammed himself! i know when i posted my first Craigslist ad a few years back, i included my telephone number in the "usual" fashion (555) 555-5555. i got slammed with calls from people that wanted to "sell" the car for me.

      one way to make contact via email is to set up another e-mail account on a site like yahoo, google, etc. and make contact. if you do get a mail back and looks legit - go from there. if there is anything that advises you click on a link in the mail or you get a sob story (selling my brother's vehicle that was injured serving in Afganistan), etc. - delete the message and the new e-mail account.

      the ad looks ok to me and may be a good buy, especially if it has been a so-cal truck throughout its life.
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        I'm looking at the background in the picture and it sure doesn't look like Southern California landscape to me. The ad may have come from LA, but the truck may be located elsewhere, but I still think there may be some sort of a scam. Bud


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          I have received this email below a few times a few weeks apart. To two of my email accounts. If I reply, which I have before, I get no follow up reply. Yes Bud, I feel the same about the background setting.

          I'm not sure you are getting my messages, I sent two already in reply to yours where I've asked for your email address because I found your message in my spam folder and now I am not sure you are receiving my replies. If you are still looking, let me have your email address so I can contact you directly.