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White 63 Hawk Sioux City. It's gone?

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  • White 63 Hawk Sioux City. It's gone?

    Those of you who followed my experience in trying to buy and rescue a 63 GT hawk know the story well enough already. Saved up, amped up, only to make the last minute decision/discovery that it was far beyond saving unless someone was willing to invest insane time and money. And even so the owner was firm at 3K or very close to it. So with a heavy vast I had to walk. Fast forward about three months my brothers out to lunch with family and he drives by and sees it's gone! This car sat for over 20 years but it's not until I try to buy that shortly afterwards it disappears. So I at first am a little upset but start to think what if it's in a local parts yard? I could get tons of good parts for my actual baby, gears start turning I gotta know what happened. So I call the owners cousin and ask, he says he sold it to someone, and not a scrapper, and acted like it wasn't for parts, but who knows? That's all I know right now but I have to know more, after everything. I hope someone didn't get burned real bad on this car and that it was a club member.
    But if you bought This 1963 Studebaker GT hawk Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG1292A_zps8829b15d.jpg
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ID:	1740248Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG1321A_zpse2f1f90a.jpg
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ID:	1740250 body number 63-K6 261 or could tell me what happened to it then please PM me here or for possible lurkers or passerbys email me
    Thank you.
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    I started this at night so I figured maybe a quick bump might get me somewhere