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  • need a little help

    ok i got a 53 studebaker 2r5-12 truck in full restoration process. i was told im the third owner behind a father and son. this truck has 41,253 orginal miles on it all original. the serial number on door is R5 II0784. i need help finding all the info i can on this truck who do i need to call or email about this. the story i got from the son which is around 75yr old is his father worked for studebaker and this particular truck was built for the air force with a flat bed. the truck has an airforce tag on the dash and burned into one headboard on bed. i want to know do i keep the original bed or buy a regular bed for it. i have spent 10,000 on this truck getting chassis, body sand blasted, and all new era correct military tires put on this truck at honest charlies garage/coker tire in chattanooga, tn. just need some help finding info if anyone can help please email me at thanks

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    Here is a forum dedicated to Studebaker trucks:

    Like this fine SDC forum, the truck forum also has lots of great people helping out and answering questions. Between the two forums you will get lots of great information.



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      The Studebaker National Museum will sell you a copy of the original production order for your truck, which will probably show that it was built for the USAF, either with the flatbed, or no bed at all. It will also tell you how the truck was equipped from the factory, but nothing about what the AF might have added after that. Beyond that, there may be few sources of info. There is no all-encompassing source of info that tracks where vehicles went after being sold by their original owner. Some states will provide vehicle histories (for a fee), but many will not. Check with your DMV.
      Skip Lackie