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Ryon Park Car Show in Lompoc 2007 - pictures!

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  • Ryon Park Car Show in Lompoc 2007 - pictures!

    Updated picture locations 7/18/2009 - Tom

    I entered the show after all. I got home from INO at about 1am friday
    and was in the garage waxing the Avanti and getting things ready until
    3am. The red GT Hawk in the first couple pictures won the division. He
    is a friend of mine who supplied me with the extra hubs for the Cobra
    brakes, and the rear axle shaft when I found mine bent. He has put a
    LOT of work into the car this past year. Two years ago he made it to
    the show with only a drivers seat and new paint. Congrats Paul.

    This looked to be a REAL Cobra :

    I dont think this one was :

    Our tax dollars paid for this thing. I could sware I saw it in "RoboCop III".

    A new GT500 :

    This Convertible won the Mustang division. Was pretty light this year.

    These had a LOT of money into the doors.

    Big vacant area here ... last year the whole park was full. Not sure
    what happened this year.

    I like this Vette ... so did the fly on the fender (he wouldnt leave!)

    Here is Paul receiving his award :

    I was only able to find ONE Mopar, and it wasnt one I like. Not the
    best turnout this year, and I think I noticed a trend, black cars are
    at a disadvantage in car shows. Not only is it close to impossible to
    keep the car clean, but the lighter cars attract more attention. The
    route into the show had a dirt area that you stop on to get directions
    to the group area you park in. I could SEE the dust rising off of the
    ground and forming a cloud when I stopped. I had the car sooo clean
    in the garage!! When I got into my spot, it looked brown. I spent a
    while with a dusting rag I brought trying to get the dirt off. It was
    useless since the fresh wax/fiberglass seemed to act like a magnet.

    I guess I should paint my Avanti '04 GTO Yellow.


    '63 Avanti, zinc plated drilled & slotted 03 Mustang Cobra 13" front disc/98 GT rear brakes, 03 Cobra 17" wheels, GM alt, 97 Z28 leather seats, soon: 97 Z28 T-56 6-spd, Ported heads w/SST full flow valves, 'R3' 276 cam, Edelbrock AFB Carb, GM HEI distributor, 8.8mm plug wires
    '63 Avanti R1, '03 Mustang Cobra 13" front disc/98 GT rear brakes, 03 Cobra 17" wheels, GM alt, 97 Z28 leather seats, TKO 5-spd, Ported heads w/SST full flow valves.
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    Thanks for posting!

    Chris Pile
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      I'd take that black Avanti, it sure looks good with those Mustang wheels, Compare with the other nice Avanti at the other end, the wheels fit the wheel wells perfect. Do they have to have wheel spacers?

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