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It might have been a Studebaker...

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  • It might have been a Studebaker...

    My town DPW is digging up the semi-rural road that goes by my house to install a 16-inch water main. The contractor they hired to do the excavation and pipe-laying brought in excavators, back-hoes, big old Autocar dump trucks, and a very strange utility trailer. It's clearly been a truck once, with the frame cut off in front of the firewall and a hitch welded on. But, something about the shape and filled-in holes reminded me of something else: a 1941 Railway Express Agency truck. Many of those were built on Studebaker M16 chassis. Bob Johnstone's web site has a whole page of photos of a complete truck that was for sale in 2007.

    Maybe this old trailer really was a Studebaker M16 truck a long time ago. Whatever it was, it's still earning it's keep 70 years later.

    Click image for larger version

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    Gary Ash
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    Yep, those bodies are most interesting! http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ight=boyertown

    Here's a Ford truck with that same body:

    (Bob, you can't whine now that its one of your former posts I've linked!)

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      'Sure looks believable to me, Gary...unless it was on a Brand X chassis, as Craig illustrated. BP
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        Originally posted by BobPalma View Post
        'Sure looks believable to me, Gary...unless it was on a Brand X chassis, as Craig illustrated. BP

        Probably a Brand X or an earlier body- note the rear axle/wheel cutouts.

        Frank Drumheller
        Locust Grove, VA
        M16-52 '48 Boyer-bodied fire truck