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A long shot in the dark for dealer 'lower priced' invoices #5

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  • A long shot in the dark for dealer 'lower priced' invoices #5

    The following are the 'low-priced' models (levels 2 & 4) sold by the C-D Motor Co., Trenton, NJ between April 1963 and September, 1963. I'm hoping that present owners or those who would be interested in one or more of these vehicles would like a copy of the factory invoice(s). Check back on #1 through #4 postings of similiar titles for background and details on acquiring copies.

    The factory invoices have much of the same information as found on the production orders sold by the National Studebaker Museum of individual vehicles. However, additional information such as date of shipment from the factory, date the vehicle was sold to a customer, name of the original buyer, pricing and any additional equipment/options added by the dealer.

    I have learned from these invoices of the turmoil most Studebaker dealers had to work under during those days when the Corporation was "closing out production" of cars/trucks. This three year stretch must have been nerve racking, profits and customers becoming more scarce each month, and the volumn of new cars arriving deceasing week by week. This dealer begged and bought cars to keep his business going and had only a couple sitting on the lot when the doors were closed. A sad story.

    "A long shot in the dark for dealer 'lower priced' invoices" will be continued in Part #6 soon.

    Non-Studebaker abbreviations used in the Notes column-

    DS-Sold from the dealers purchased inventory
    DX-Dealer exchange- dealer purchased or swapped a vehicle from another dealer
    TK-Pickup truck from dealer stock-only one truck in the lot
    ZN-Dealer received a new vehicle from the regional Zone offices's stock received from the factory

    Serial # Body Code Style Invoice date Sale date Notes

    63S-6336 F4 2 dr Regal 03-29-63 03-30-63 DX
    63S-16199 F4 2 dr Regal 04-01-63 04-02-63 DX
    63S-18966 F4 2 dr Regal 01-11-63 08-12-64 DX
    63S-16172 F4 2 dr Regal 04-03-63 06-18-63 DS
    63S-16673 Y4 4 dr Regal 04-03-63 08-07-63 DS
    63S-25449 F4 2 dr Regal 04-03-63 01-13-64 DS
    E5-137857 8E5 1/2 ton pu 04-10-63 06-04-63 TK
    63S-29897 F4 2 dr Regal 04-12-63 04-25-63 DS
    63S-29943 Y4 4 dr Regal 04-16-63 06-14-63 DS
    63S-30105 F4 2 dr Regal 04-17-63 11-17-63 DS
    63V-28726 Y4 4 dr Regal 04-19-63 04-25-63 DS
    63S-30264 P4 Regal wag 04-19-63 04-25-63 DS
    63S-28546 P4 Regal wag 05-24-63 05-24-63 DX
    63S-12630 P4 Regal wag 10-27-62 06-03-63 DX
    63S-34107 Y4 4 dr Regal 05-31-63 12-04-63 DS
    63S-34138 F4 2 dr Regal 06-04-63 07-21-63 DS
    63S-34314 Y4 4 dr Regal 06-04-63 06-21-63 DS
    63S-34240 P4 Regal wag 06-06-63 07-08-63 DS
    63S-34419 F4 2 dr Regal 06-05-63 01-31-64 DS
    63V-24114 P4 Regal wag 06-11-63 06-12-63 ZN
    63S-16229 F4 2 dr Regal 06-18-63 06-18-63 ZN
    63S-3637 F4 2 dr Regal 09-20-62 06-24-63 DX
    63S-35139 F4 2 dr Regal 06-18-63 01-10-64 DS
    63S-12862 Y4 4 dr Regal 08-13-63 08-14-63 ZN
    63S-34038 F2 2 dr Stand 08-20-63 10-30-63 ZN
    63S-34969 F4 2 dr Regal unknown 09-16-63 DS
    63S-36171 F4 2 dr Regal 08-22-63 10-23-63 DS
    63S-30840 Y4 4 dr Regal 09-09-63 09-18-63 DX

    That completes the sales of 1963 low priced new cars at C-D Motors (or there are invoices elsewhere not included in the boxes of paper I purchased at the York Swap Meet years ago). I apologize for not having enough tech savvy to arrange the columns in neat format.

    Next up will be new lower level car sales beginning in October, 1963.

    Frank Drumheller
    Locust Grove, VA
    M16-52 '48 Boyer-bodied fire truck
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