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    While Driving around Naples, Maine this morning in My Friend's '55 Speedster, We stopped at a mall area, and were followed in by a guy driving a 'Brand X'. He wanted to look the Speedster over, and told Us that He owned a Studebaker back in the late '60's. The Stude He owned turned out to be a '64 Daytona Convertible, equipped with the R-2 Avanti engine and four speed transmission! He said that He sold the car many years ago, but at the time, saved a part from it that's been sitting in His desk draw for forty years. Long story short.......I now own another one of those oval plastic '64 fender emblems that say "AVANTI R2 SUPERCHARGED"..... Small Stude World!

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    Funny how people save things like that when selling a car.when I was a little kid a fella down the road bought a brand new 66 Vette,sold it around 1970,71.He said he had pulled something off the rear of the car,I think something to do with the bumper ?just to have a peice of the car stay with Him.
    Joseph R. Zeiger


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      When I sold my grandpa's car to become a parts car, I kept the horn button, which is now on my 63. I also kept the body tag and a couple small trinkets to remember it by.
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