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"Studebucket" transmission question

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  • "Studebucket" transmission question

    Quick query on behalf of the new owner of the 1928 "Studebucket" roadster...I know this should be in the tech section, but the general board reaches more people, and the car is a Stude, so...

    The 3-speed/OD tranny in the roadster is slipping out of gear; the owner wants to replace it or rebuild it. He's acquired, cheaply, a spare trans, but it is not absolutely the same as the existing unit. The old trans (behind a 1960 Lark flathead six with added supercharger, BTW) is a T96-1a 3-speed with O/D. The spare is a T86e-1a. How compatible would these be, "guts-wise"? (I have to admit I know pretty much zilch about trannies.)

    I'll soon be posting more pix of the "Studebucket" under its new management, too, as there have been a few alterations since last I saw it. The new owner is a Hamiltonian, so I'll probably see the car more now too.


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    The T-86 is the Medium Strength Borg Warner for V-8 Engines, the T-96 is the Light Weight Trans. for low HP 6 Cyl. Engines, they share absolutely NO parts in the main case, just the R-10 Overdrive Unit.

    One of the first differences you notice is the Input Shaft is way to big to fit a 6 Cyl. Clutch, and the Top Cover is larger, like the whole Trans. with 6 Bolts, not 4.

    To be honest this T-96 Trans is not a good Trans. for a high performance Supercharged 6. A better choice would be the complete Truck setup using H.D. 6 Cyl. Trans. a T-90.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Thanks, Rich; knew someone here would know! Sent the owner the link to the thread. As promised here are a few pix of the "Studebucket" in its present configuration. Chassis is an inverted and shortened Stude unit; body panels are from the front section of a derelict 1928 Stude sedan, rear panel is from a Barracuda roof! Engine is a 1960 Lark flathead six with a supercharger from a T-bird added. Wheels are 1930s Dodge. Grille is suggestive of the early-30s Stude Indy race cars.



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        I'm in love! What a cool automobile.
        Joe Roberts
        '61 R1 Champ
        '65 Cruiser
        Eastern North Carolina Chapter