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    I would like to find out the history of my Sky Hawk. I know it was shipped to a dealer in Pennsylvania and stayed there until it was purchased about 8 years ago and taken here to Long Island. I don't know if the motor vehicle archives there have any records going back that far. Has anybody else tried it with their cars?
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    You could try looking on the Penn. Motor Vehicle Website to find out how much history is available by Serial Number (VIN), it may help if you have an old registration card or License plate from Penn. to get a Lic. #.
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      Some states do keep those records, others don't. My region is a good example. Nebraska archives all their records, and can actually reprint their very first motor vehicle registration issued if need be. Iowa on the other hand makes a point of doing overzealous housekeeping, and they toss all of their files that are inactive for more than 7 years. So it can be maddening, for example, if you want to restore a car left in a field that lived all it's life in Nebraska, then hopped over to Iowa for a while, and came back to Nebraska without being transferred or kept up to date, because you can see the original Nebraska records, but not the Iowa records you'd need to get a new title.

      Contact your department of Motor Vehicles. Often, there's a form you can fill out to get copies of records. They may charge a fee to locate the info, but it could get you a step closer. Obviously, a build sheet from the museum can at least help verify the origin, which sometimes can be useful if you're doing detective work.
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