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Avanti Grill, to be or not to be.

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    Raymond Lowey stated in his best faked French accent : "Es not needing ze grille !" So , the first bunch did not have this as part of the assembly . As claims poured in for radiators , a quick fix and retrofit was implemented . If I had a chance to own an Avanti , the choice would be simple . A Trailer Queen or a Museum piece = no grille . A Driver at anytime of my ownership = Grille . Only if it was an early model . I tend to preserve History . Thanx ..


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      Originally posted by dimaxion View Post
      Raymond Lowey stated in his best faked French accent .
      How could his accent be faked? He was from France. I've been there, they all talk like that.
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        Loewy had a reputation for thickening his accent as he felt was required for a specific client or audience.
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