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Wheel cylinders for a 48 M-5

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  • Wheel cylinders for a 48 M-5

    I am trying to rebuild the brakes on my 48 M-5. I found the wheel kits at SI but mine are so rusted that the cups and rubber won't even move in mine. Anybody know of any wheel cylinders to fit the truck. I at least need the fronts. Thanks Tom

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    The New Wheel Cylinders are only available for 1949 "R" Trucks forward, to most others up to 1964.

    Unless some very old stock stashed away in a deceased person's closet is discovered, you will be limited to sleeving the old ones unless you update the entire Brake System.
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      Didn't I read sometime back on Truck Talk that F..d wheel cyls. from Speedway Motors will fit a M5????
      Or was I dreamin?
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        This could be your golden opportunity to swap to late model V-8 or late model Champ front brakes.
        The Champs should be a bolt on from the backing plates out. The V-8's require that you bolt up the 4 holes that match your spindles, and re-drill the other 2 holes. Either way it greatly improves the braking.


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          You should be able to adapt a grease fitting to the cylinder and push at least one piston out with a grease gun.
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