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352 in a 53/54(anyone done it?)

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    Everybody.... I don't think Avanti owners are snobs at all. It was just a joke! Based on the idea of a purist reading the concept of an Avanti with a packard and a caddy FWD tranny. Completely kidding I meant no offense to the many fine Avanti owners I've meant on the forum since I've joined... or even the ones I haven't meant. I hope I haven't actually offended anyone.


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      i'm sure you haven't offended anyone - certainly not me! and with your explanation, all should be ok with others...

      i've discovered if i'm kidding around, the "emoticons" help advise everyone you're joking:

      if it's really off the wall, i may write (i'm joking), since i do get some posts with a <g> instead of a emoticon. the 'puter knowledgeable folks may have a better explanation, but i take it as a "smiley face" or another emoticon from a older 'puter browser, so i'm not sure my 'cons go thru to them. idk.

      keep up the good work, and still waiting for more pics of your '53!
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      '40 Champion. sold 10/11. '63 Avanti R-1384. sold 12/10.


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        Oh I know! It's out of town for a short time staying with a friend. This is the body man friend. We're not gonna paint the whole car, but we're gonna shoot the engine bay, interior area, and window channels. Just get some good paint on the parts that'll get covered by my reassembly. Then once she lives and breaths again we'll maybe look into real paint. I've got lots of irons in the fire right now we'll see which ones pan out. Found my dash and everything that goes with it, even the wiring harness. I'm pretty sure I found an engine in town. Trans hunting as we speak though, I may have found the car bearing my glass, interior, and brakes. Hope that one pans out! I've at least got leads on almos everthing to make it a car again. I'll snap some pics when I go up next weekend to do some body work.

        Oh and I did use an emoticon!