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Decent lark super cheap, no title

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  • Decent lark super cheap, no title

    Spotted this and felt like I had to post it. If you lived in a no title state it'd be a great starter car. Really though someone at least needs to go see if it's as nice as it looks for the money.

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    I love 60 Larks, but title is a big issue. Until you've gone through all the grief to get one to look for a titled car to drive. That one is too nice to part out.
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      Yup. A big part of giving up my grandpa's Lark was that it had no title, and getting one was a bear of a process. And with that car, I had documentation to prove it had never left the family!

      Our state has (as some states do) provisions for buying a car from a no-title state. If the car comes from a title state though, you have even more red tape to slice through. Something about the feds not wanting you to steal a car, cross state lines, and re-title it there.

      So in short, Dan's right. This would be a great car for someone from a no-title state!
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        the great state of Maine has a unique situation (unless its changed in 3 years...). You can buy and register (usually @ the town hall) a car with a bill of sale. Get insurance and then get a Maine title. Sell the car in, say, here in Mass...then apply for a Mass title.....almost had to do that with my last 63' Cruiser.. Summation: check bordering state title requirements...


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          I'm wondering out loud to NC residents. Is it possible like here in MO for the owner to apply for a Lost Title.
          Even though it can be time consuming. If the vehicle has been titled previously by the seller, this process should go smoothly. People mis place papers all the time.

          Now if he bought it from a friend/never titled/then lost title, now selling. It may be why it's a Bill of Sale.

          Great price judging from the pics. Offer to pay lost title fee and take car off their hands.
          61 Lark



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            This car was up before. IF the seller was the last registered owner he can apply for a lost/duplicate title in NC. NC is a title state. I THINK when this one was listed some time back the seller was encouraged to apply for lost title. Apparantly either that never happened or the process failed (lein,etc..). NC also has a number of inspectors with the DMV that will block the process to "bond" a title for older vehicles. They will however accept a Broadway title. Steve


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              I would hate to see what could be what could be for very cheap a good daily driver get parted out. I think this is first car material for someone who could A get a title or B lives in a state where it doesn't matter.


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                agree with "Wolfie".
                there's something "going on" with this car - it's not "that big" of a PITA here in NC to get a "lost title" - IF - you are the registered owner.

                the other question i would have is: would a non-title state's DMV have a problem registering a vehicle (with no title), from a "title" required state? and of course, "all states may vary"...
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                  Looking at that Body and Paint I have to agree with others that this Car needs to be saved...somehow!
                  Where there is a will, there IS a way. If you make sure you do not get arrested, and can get a clean title eventually, you could not lose at $1500.00.
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                    From N.C.'s DMV site:

                    Buying or Selling a Car Without a Title or Registration

                    Rarely do people buy untitled vehicles. The seller must provide the buyer with a title; if the title is missing, the seller must apply for a duplicate before selling the vehicle. The seller is not required to furnish the registration, however, and the buyer won't need it in order to transfer the title after the sale.

                    If there is no title and you can't get in touch with the previous owner to obtain one, you can still title the car in your name. The only way to do this is through an indemnity bond. Call the DMV's customer service office at (919) 715-7000 or contact a DMV customer representative online to ask the DMV to e-mail you the requirements and paperwork for the bond.

                    If the owner is deceased, you are the heir to the vehicle, and there is no estate administrator, you will need to complete an Affidavit of Authority to Assign Titles (available through NCDOT Vehicle Services). You and any other heirs must be listed in order to have the title transferred.


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                      I have talked to the man a couple of times. He bought the car without a title. I do not need a 6 at this point in my life.............but I will store at my place if you buy it.
                      Jack White
                      North Carolina Studebaker Drivers Club