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  • Some Studebaker Candy I Saw :

    At the Back To The 50s today . . Could`nt add this to the thread in Stove Huggers cause can`t post attachments there . ( boo - hiss ) ............. Some pics i took while stumbling around today on this beautiful sunny Sunday ...
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    The 54 Conestoga was a 55 Conestoga i sold to Ben Castagneri in Hibbing Mn It was an early 55 and he did a lot of nice work getting it back on the road. I bought the car just outside of Waco Tx from the original 90 year old owner and he was still alive. said he parked it because the water pump went out. V-8 3 speed OD. Now a 283 Chevrolet powered car.
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      cool, thanks for sharing. that hammered 40(?) with the wide whites would look good with me behind the wheel...that sharp pick up...yummy do you figure the hood has been pancaked? cheers, junior.
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        I sure wish Swedes were more like the Americans (they used to be) 'cause then there might be at least one Avanti as cool & cruel as the blue one in Sweden.
        (& I usually don't bother much 'bout any Avanti but that's a mean one...)

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          One I saw over week end

          Saw this Lark at National Trails Race ways Outside Columbus, Ohio last Saturday. They had the nostalgia Drags and car show. The Lark was a barn find (25 Years) and had a locked up motor and bad trans. The owner went this way with a caddy motor and automatic. The straight axle is from a Jeep 2wd. Still has the mirror and tray in the vanity glove compartment. He drew a lot of attention and shared a lot of info!.
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