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  • need a lot of parts

    my wife and I just purchased a 1963 Avanti. we are in need of a lot of parts as this car has been sitting for years in a barn. brought it home, let it sit with lubb. in cylinders. replaced the points, put a edelb. carb on it and it starded right up. runs good. lets get started with the interior, which has to be totally gutted. I need a complete set of seats, the foam in these is hard and cannot use. I will need everything in the interior, but that will get me started. we are new to the stude. world and club, so if I as posting wrong let me know. thanks all. chas/charlotte.

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    Welcome to the SDC and to the SDC Forum Chas & Charlotte!

    Your post is perfectly fine, there are some here who can help. Also in your local SDC Chapter and our "Turning Wheels" Monthly Publication, you will receive when becoming a Member at the top of these pages at a first year discount.

    Since very few of these fantastic Automobiles get parted out. Your best and possibly ONLY option on the seats is save them and have them re-padded and recovered.

    There are many very good Studebaker Vendors most or all, are also Turning Wheels advertisers here at:

    I hope you have set aside a considerable amount to restore this one because if it needs everything, you are looking at a sizable bill.

    It would be a huge help if we knew the City and State on your Profile, or at least what part of the country you are in to be able to help.
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      Welcome. Since this is your first Studebaker, you certainly came upon one of the most revered and well known. Congratulations on that.

      In my opinion, the most important thing to do is research your car, figure out what it is, what it should be, and what it is not, before tearing it all apart.

      There are factory shop manuals and factory parts manuals available reprinted that are among the best in the business. The parts manuals in particular show almost every part, how and where it fits and interacts with other parts, what the correct name for the part is, and also the part number, so you can communicate clearly with parts suppliers.

      Remember that taking things apart is one tenth of the work of putting things back together. Many cars have been lost by an energetic/optimistic tear down, then a gradual lessening of energy as the project grinds slowly to a halt. Then many years later, the hulk is sold and ends up being a parts car.

      I prefer to get mine running/stopping and drive them around a little in order to get to know more of the mechanical things that need attention. After they are in excellent shape mechanically, then I look to cosmetic things. Some folks do everything at once and then have a huge list of things to fix after they make their first test drive. Then, working on the mechanics after having done the cosmetics sometimes messes up the cosmetics.

      Having fun with it is the most important thing.
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        Welcome! If you havent already done so check the hog troughs thoroughly. Lots of info here. Are you planning a show car or driver? Steve


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          Charles and Charlotte, I hope that RadioRoy and I have not discouraged you in any way, because that certainly is not the intent.
          But I do like the "Reality" of Roy's post, he is being very honest from his sizeable amount of experience, I could not have said it better!
          There definitely are right and wrong ways to go about these projects and your enthusiasm is a very GOOD thing, do not let us discourage you with our "reality checks".
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            Check your private messages.... (top of page)
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              DO NOT toss anything away from that car. Virtually every part is AVAILABLE, but many come at a high price, and some after a great deal of searching and waiting. You may find you can live with some of the less-than-perfect interior items on yours after you do some checking around for prices.
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                Originally posted by kurtruk View Post
                DO NOT toss anything away from that car. Virtually every part is AVAILABLE, but many come at a high price, and some after a great deal of searching and waiting. You may find you can live with some of the less-than-perfect interior items on yours after you do some checking around for prices.
                I sold a very decent set of Avanti front seats at the SB meet last month. I have a '63 parts car but it is getting pretty picked over
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                  i agree with "RadioRoys's" post - get the manuals, and get her to stop, run and drive first.

                  and pics posted here would help tremendously to determine what parts needed might be sitting in a member's garage just taking up space...

                  have fun with her!

                  oh, and the only Denham Springs i know of is in Louisiana.
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                    A wise man once said, 'There is no such thing as a cheap Avanti'. That said, get a parts manual for the car. Studebaker vendors tend to list their parts by the original part number. The mechanical parts are for the most part from the Lark.

                    Interior parts (seats, carpet and door panels) can be had from Southeast Studebaker. Very nice stuff, but priced that way. A complete interior is $3000-$3100.

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                      thanks for ur reply. have been out of pocket the last few days. I have come to realize that u r right about repadding seats. however, my back seat bottom springs are completely destroyed. need to find one outthere. hope someone can help. we live in Denham springs la. out side of baton rouge. any help u can render would be greatly appreciated. my Avanti is in pretty good shape mech., but needs restoration. tks. chas/charlotte.


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                        thanks steve, I checked the hog troughs befor I purchased and they were in great. shape alone with the frame and other parts on the underside. however there was a lot of surface rust to deal with. we are restoring it as a driver. if I can't drive it I don't want it, however show cars great to look at. any info u can give will be greatly appreciated. we are green in the stude. world. tks chas.


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                          studerich, no I am not discouraged, any help will be appreciated. I have been restoring other cars for about 30 years, and I understand what u r saying. this is the first stude. I have owned, and need a lot of ur expertise. any way u can help will be appreciated. thanks chas.


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                            corvanti,,u r right senham springs is in la. near baton rouge. i'll try to get pics. on later.