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1961 Hawk --Still need a few things

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  • 1961 Hawk --Still need a few things

    Still need a few item's for the little Hawk: (1) taillights (2) presentable front bumper (3) good original ignition switch w/key --there will be more needs but that will help.I think it has an earlier horn button from other's I have seen.--Thanks for all the help
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    What? Nobody has a pair of '57 - '61 Hawk taillights? --I know car guy's can be hoarders--I DO have an extra '57-'61 Hawk rear bumper that needs rechromed--Still looking for front bumper to surface.


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      Hey - JUST today I found one taillight body. A painted one, but it should be good for chroming. PM me and we'll work out the logistics.
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        Btruce: Did you find all the stainless side trim? That was a big issue last week. BP
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          Hey , even one light is good--I am in Kansas City area--Call me if you can (913) 208-5844 Are left and right different?


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            Bob, No , I have found some if he will return my call (right here in K,C.) but driver side has some damage on the lower quarter trim --if there is any other out there I will buy it . This car was one of Gene Mitchell's of Baldwin ,Ks. and it IS a parts car.Hope to get the potmetal garnish trim around bottom of windscreen and onto the door's from same car.