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2R5 titled 1951 but parts from many different years HELP

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  • 2R5 titled 1951 but parts from many different years HELP

    The truck front-end is just like the one on page 206 S I 2012...bottom left. 1956 Transtar? The hood and grill are like my truck and I have the shields over top of the side glass. The two turn signals...are they the same part number? One of the chromed castings was attached properly (screws below the plastic cover and into the brace) however the other one someone drilled and ran screws through the exposed chrome edges. Are these available? If not...anyone have a used one for sale? The truck is not a show piece-no where near- so only one in fair condition is fine.
    Great to have this forum for help. Thank you.
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    Post up some pics so we can see what you are asking about. The door visors were accessories and were available on many year models. Does your trusk have a one piece windshield or 2 piece with a divider seal in the center? Turn signals were also optional and several styles were used through the years. Steve


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      The fender top or stone pan mounted front Turn Signal Lights could be aftermarket since Turn Signals were optional and usually only found on 3/4 Ton and larger Trucks in '49-'53. So you would have to have very good pics of one or one in your hands to match it up to Swap Meet parts.
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        Stude did offer fender-top directional signals on all their 1950s trucks, but as noted by Rich, dealers or owners often installed other aftermarket lamps instead. Most of the factory-installed lamps were Sparton, but the design changed over the years. You might be able to find some used lamps that are the same as those you have now, but pictures would be helpful in identifying what you have.
        Skip Lackie