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    Many of our 2013 attendees need to know more about our 'Dragon Man' tour. Mel's place is located out east of the Springs, he has a large compound filled with all manner of vehicles, jeeps, etc. His large museum is located there also. Mel "Dragon Man" is a Vietnam-era vet from Brooklyn. This is an historical Military Museum. Mel has every Army jeep, German belt buckle, landmines from WWI and WWII. A complete field hospital from the Gulf War and much more. Mel knows exactly how many displays he has, how many vehicles, guns and uniforms. There is the Hitler room, Holocaust room, over 2000 helmets. Mel invites the troops from nearby Ft. Carson to train at his compound. They have generously responded with 'souvenirs' form Iraq for his museum. Mel is a likeable guy and makes the tour very interesting. Our Pikes Peak chapter took the tour last year. After seeing it featured on 'Larry, the Cable Guy--Only in America', we were excited to take the tour. It is interesting for women also, at least it was for this woman. The women are not left out in some of these exhibits. I was in the Air Force, so that made it enjoyable for me also. I hope you will consider taking this tour. It is worth it.