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What would be a good deal price on this BEAUTY?

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  • What would be a good deal price on this BEAUTY?

    It shows that someone has put a ton of money and work into this car.Its getting close to the end on bidding ,I think the 1st time thru on e-bay.I think its a beauty,plus they have lowered the reserve.I know this car isn't for the purist.

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    Looks like a Ccab hood gave it's life to the cause....
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      If you want a hotrod, hard to build for that price. Good luck on your bidding.
      Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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        Hey! Looks like there were some Studebaker parts used to construct this car. And to think that people grump about the face on a Packard Hawk.
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          Lots of stuff half-assed on it, like leaving the Cadillac wheel, the low rent looking gauge panel, Rear seat and door panels, etc. makes me wonder a little bit about the build quality of the things you can't see. Still, those things can be fixed, and I would be comfortable at $15-$18,000. Usually in cases like this, they're trying to get their money back, which is about triple what it's actually worth. Good luck.
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            Here's my take on this one. It looks clean. It looks good. I can't see anything that looks like it won't run and drive.

            But (always a "but") what motivates you and what motivates the seller? For me to buy a collector must ignite a passion, fulfill a dream, or at least, excite my interest. would be worth a road-trip or plane ticket for a close look. I try to plan my trips in a manner that pretty much stand alone in value so that I am not totally out of my money if the car proves to be disappointing. Sometimes a trip to look at a car can be a great excuse to visit some interesting place you've never been.

            This particular car (for me), although clean, and pretty, does not have any great improvement over a totally stock example of the same car in appearance. The belly button "upgrade" in power plant and drive train hold promise for drive-ability, but if not done could be a nightmare to drive and have a cooling system insufficient for sustained operation on a hot day. As for the interior... again, it looks OK, but that steering wheel didn't look all that good in its original this one, it looks about as out of place as a 1970's "Leisure Suit" at a formal dinner party.

            If it meets your requirements, you are willing to take a risk, and you have the disposable income...I say go for it. If you do, I will celebrate your enjoyment and welcome you and the car anytime you'd like to visit. After all, it has survived this long and once it is can upgrade and rearrange to your delight.
            John Clary
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              It started life as a black 55k (last pictures). I liked it better that way, too, but I'm partial.
              Dave Warren (Perry Mason by day, Perry Como by night)


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                Like the old saying goes "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder".Thats why I keep asking questions,trying not to mess up.But dang, I've got this money burning a hole in my pocket.Thanks for the input.


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                  The Serial Number is for a 1955 Champion built in Vernon (LA), California.
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                    A custom is one person's vision, not always shared by others and certainly not by everyone.

                    JMHO, but those Buick Cruiserline Ventiports in the back of the hood hurt my eyes.

                    jack vines


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                      Yeah, hood sure loox -55.
                      That back-seat thou & the box for the stereo... that's probably were the inspiration & cash had run out & I also think the front inside of the cabin loox like a van.
                      But the outside... if you just are gonna stand looking at it from outside or want to show of for your neighbors then YEAH!

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                        Love the color....but to Me, the car would have looked SO much nicer with a stock '53-'54 nose installed!


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                          Tony, I sent you a pm.
                          Joseph R. Zeiger


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                            In the great and honorable tradition of beating a dead horse, I'll pile on. Same as most above. Some of the build aspects look pretty good, i.e. the body work in general and drive train, but most of the styling points leave quite a bit to be desired and sadly, this is the part we all see.
                            The tail lights don't work for me, the front end..... ugh. The interior is very weak. Like they stole grandmas worn out 80's Cadillac and recycled the interior. The back seat ooozes desperation, though for a young man, it would provide a smooth flat surface for those drive in movie "dates". The rear bumper looks cobbled together.
                            Sorry, but I woudn't pay more than 7-9K for it. By the time you redo all the parts you need to, to make it work, both mechanically and visually, you'll be into it another 7K. And don't even think about trying to match that silver paint if you change out that front end. Its impossible. You'll see the change from a mile away. Buying the 54 front end parts alone will cost anywhere from $1200 to $2000. Repaint is anyone's guess, though Maaco will shoot it for $399. It would be indecent to run those wheels and tires on that level of a custom, so there's another $1000 to $1800. Ya gotta get new seats, a new steering wheel, new back seat, then redo the door panels to match the interior. New dash, wiring, gages.
                            Save yourself the grief. Use the money to build one the way you want it from the ground up, or buy one of the many 53 or 53 Coupes or Hardtops that keep coming up for sale for nearly half that amount. Cars which have not been cut up, "customized", or otherwise thrown together with whatever happened to be laying around the garage.
                            How was that for keeping it clean and nice?? I tried.


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                              To: sals54,----That pretty much sums it up!