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1960 Lark with leopard skin covering

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  • 1960 Lark with leopard skin covering

    Does anyone remember a 1960 Lark convertible with some sort of leopard skin-type body covering? I remember seeing this car in a Lytton's store show window while walking in Evanston, Il with my father. The car was so wild looking we had to get a closer look. Upon opening the door, I saw the car was painted red. (I always was a nosy kid). I have heard of "flocked" Larks through the 1983 program "Studebaker-Less Than They Promised," but have never heard or seen any reference to this car. This was body covering and not just upholstery.

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    wow sounds like something i would love. wish i could see a picture of something like that- judy


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      My dad was a semi-professional photographer, but unfortunately did not have the camera with at that time. I do remember that all the chrome trim and emblems were installed over the (fake?) fur covering. The quarter window was up showing the sticker, so it could have been some cross-promotion between Studebaker and Lytton's, a defunct women's clothing store. I seem to remember the mannequin being dressed similarly in leopard material that matched the car.