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  • stude lark noise

    Found out what the ticking noise that was making noise last year-about inch of head gasket was worn out. Luckily we had one in the garage rafters.after two hours of work she ran quieter than I can remember.glad my husband is handy with tools and squirrels away extra parts .he is almost done with his 56 president about 2 more wks it will be done.will post pics then its beautiful, his56. Did all the work him
    Self.then he is going to restore my Scotty camper for the lark to selling the lark and camper as a package next spring-2014.

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    Not sure why a head gasket would cause a ticking noise , would like to hear a more detailed explanation if possible? Glad he found it though !

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      That is an interesting one! "about inch of head gasket was worn out". Usually you have way more problems than a "Tick" when a Head Gasket is blown, more like water in the Oil, Oil leaks, Water leaks, barely even runs at all, etc.
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        I have a feeling She meant to say exhaust manifold gasket ?
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          yes exhaust manifold gasket- the compresser my husband explained was making the noise. it had been making a ticking noise for a while- finally found out why- once the gasket was replaced sound went away- think there may have been a bolt pressed against it- at any rate that was the noise it was making, once he replaced the gasket it was no more


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            im glad he found it too. he thought last year it was an exhaust problem, he looked things over and it was worn enough to be eminent it was the gasket. i dont know why but my temp guage went way over high toward the end toward the end of the problem and when he fixed this problem, had no problems with the temp guage. dont know if it had to do anything with it. but the ticking noise and the temp guage going wild stopped after he fixed the gasket.


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              My 1964 Commander developed a ticking noise also. Only happened while cold, after a mile or two would go away.
              When replacing exhaust system found exhaust manifold had cracked completely in half. Unbolted exhaust manifold and half of it came off in my hand.
              New used manifold from Fortnum Motor Co.installed, ticking gone.
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                What's the plan for selling the Lark though?

                Especially now that the ticking noise is fixed!


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                  Husband said it was the head gasket not exhaust manifold gasket he said the oil was leaking near the firewall. As for selling the lark with the camper next year as a package deal,I want to pay off a loan early' so won't pay a lot of interest, after paying off 401 k loan get another loan against it to pay off another debt to get rid of interest.plan to make the camper very nice,replace all wood and wiring and sell it with the lark. A classic car with a vintage restored camper might sell well.


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                    Id like to restore my classic chrysler lebaron convertible too if money left over.I just want one car basically and the chrysler is our year around driver.iwant to finish the camper project to go with the stude first