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'noather day, 'nother parade

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  • 'noather day, 'nother parade

    Parker Days Parade yesterday and I converted the Mitt Mobile into the Meg Mobile. For the 2014 cycle, who knows it could be the Me Mobile !

    Click image for larger version

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    PS.... Black Forest Fires under control, weather is great, rooms are available, Colorful Colorado takes more than a week to enjoy. Come early and stay long. I look forward to seeing everyone at Colorado Springs.
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    Did at least 15 parades with the Champ last year. I am amazed at the number of pictures that were taken of it.... well into the thousands. Last Friday took it to Breakfast and two people pulled in to take pics.... There had to be several hundred that I saw raise their camera phone as we passed. You can take it to the bank that someone will display their IQ leaning over the Studebaker service deal on the door to ask, 'What year of ____________ is this?" This week the blank was Ford, International and Desoto. At least the wife always seemed to get a laugh when know it all got busted on the brand. Only have 3 more on the schedule for this year... but the summer is young.

    Amazing that it draws that much attention with a driveway paint job over lousy bondo work.... But, it's a Studebaker and it seems to find a warm spot or story about someone's dad as you drive by.