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Colorado people please take note, also anyone else interested.

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  • Colorado people please take note, also anyone else interested.

    As most of the people on the forum know that I sell project cars and they go every were in the world, right now I have a 61 hawk 4 speed car on E-bay and willing to deliver for free to Colorado international meet at the end of the month, right now there is a fellow club member that loves Studebaker's interested in it and he lives in Marion Illinois and his problem is that he is recovering from heart surgery and would need some help if he were to buy this car, I can deliver it to Colorado Springs if some one there could store it until he could come and get it or have it picked up, he is going to try and see if any of his friends are going to the meet and could bring it back at that time if so problem solved but if not he would need to store it for a while I hope there might be some one that can help, the other problem is I have a cheap Buy-it-now on E-bay and he would have to make his move rather fast as there has been a lot of action on it in the way of questions and delivery, please let me know if anyone can help....Bob 510-266-2522
    Castro Valley,