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My STUDEBAKER Playhouse Tour day 5

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  • My STUDEBAKER Playhouse Tour day 5

    I posted a picture of "another racing shop" in stove huggers and was reminded I should have had it here. That being said, mine is not (in any sense of the word) a racing shop, like some of or other form members. Mine is a playhouse. As I have posted before, we had bad storm damage two years ago and I am just now getting my shop back together. My Wife has been a great help in the past months, to help me get it repaired and repainted. I am really thankful for being able to have a place to play. If yall are intrested, I will post a few pictures of my playhouse and modern equipment over the next few days. I just want to share my enjoyment with yall. Here's the start of the tour.

    Here' a shot from "the servive dept" of the parts department window. LOL
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    Your pictures shame me when I look at the carnage in mine. A nice facility and one to be proud of.

    That sign would have to go, If I didn't allow all those vices (Well I don't allow drugs in any case) nobody would show up. But never when performing work, just after. Too many experiences in earlier times about cleaning up issues after a few brews during work in mine. Profanity is just part of the language here, let's me communicate in/to fellow Michiganians/Michiganders (I don't discriminate against either one)!!

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      Bob, It,s not that clean, believe me, you will see as I continue the tour. Yes, I try to adhere to the sign, however, it is a surplus from a athletic facility, and I didn't have it painted, just for my shop. Moving on around a little on the shop tour.


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        Here we are on day three. The big doors you see were torn off in the storm. Wanted roll up doors and a lift for years, BUT, you know how that goes sometime. I gave up on both.

        What I settled for on the lift is in the left corner. LOL


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          Room to walk............
          Jack White
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            Moving on around. If your tired of seein just say so.


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              You have room for at least 3 more Studes in there.


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                When I'm tired of seeing it I'll just stop looking!


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                  Vidmar cabinets are pricey... (Even used)...
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                    Yea studefan, I have room for another Stude, but no mo money.

                    So Jeff, my tool boxes are called Vidmar cabinets huh? I bought one of them for twenty bucks and the guy gave me the second one, They are in great shape and make super tool boxes. But I am a CASO. Here's my vice. It came from my Dad's shop he built in 1947.

                    AND, here are my jack stands frpm the same shop.

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                      keep up with the pics!

                      if i was "up" to it, i'd have to take a week or so just to get my little 'cave removed of clutter/filthyness to be close to your clean (to me) playhouse.
                      i'd still only have about 1/3rd the space.
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                        Yes, where does that clutter and dirt come from?
                        Where's my work bench?
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                          "CASO" or not, that stuff WORX!
                          (& that kinda vice are just awesome!)


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                            Nice shop ,I should have a nice shop, but too much of a pack rat. Am going to try to start cleaning out my 30 x 40 pole barn (concrete floor. I have push mowers I don't use, wood supply, sheet metal, and a 8n tractor, 1965 Ihc lawn mower, and many other items keeping my shop cluttered. Do love yours!
                            Randy Wilkin
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                              Here's a few more items from the past. The oil cans came from my Dad's shop, (1947-1987) and from my service station (1969-1971). The torches came from my Dads shop.

                              I'll move on around the shop maybe tomorrow