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UPDATE emergency help 1964 commander v8 3 on tree

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    Check with grandpa's hotel. Maybe the person at the front desk can open and print out a file. I did it several times in my days working behind the front desk. It's sure a lot easier to work with than a computer. Butter them up and tell em it's needed for an emergency repair. That will grease the gears of progress at the hotel. They don't call the hotel industry "hospitality" for no reason

    That color diagram has made the rounds a few times around here. It's one of the best diagrams there is for tracing where everything goes. Here's the link again.

    Maybe a club member in that neck of the woods in Alabama cold be found to offer help if needed. jimmijim, how far away are you from Tuscaloosa tonight?
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      Anybody know if this has been resolved? Hope all is well. Just wondering...
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        I got to my father in-laws car, it wasn't as bad as I had feared.
        the wires for the alternator had indeed got caught up in the belt, when they were pulled they shorted out where they ran in front of the radiator
        I only had to replace the wires from the L/F corner to the alternator. even though it was a emergency type thing I still did it correctly so no one can tell it ever happened.
        I didn't want to be redoing it again down the road later.
        I would love to thank every one of you for your help, it allowed me to get him back on the road .
        the hotel was very nice they allowed me to get on the internet with there computer and print out the wiring diagrams they were most helpful.
        Its all done now and looks like OE still under the hood, so my FIL is happy, my wife is happy,
        Thanks again Russk,
        can post pics if any body wants


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          Yep, please post some pictures


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            Again I would like to thank all of you for your help


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              Sure looks Good Anytime we will be here.
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                Looks like the "After" and "Before"! Nice job Russ.
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                  Awesome job everyone! This is what it is all about!

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                    I took my time repairing it, i even made sure the wires rubbed at the same spot on the inner fender. see pics
                    I believe some of the best repairs are when you cant tell it was repaired.

                    My F-I-L said thanks to all that helped.
                    he was surprised by how quickly you all responded. and now wants to get internet at his house to join the forum
                    at 72 years young, he hasn't embraced the internet yet, But he stayed on this forum at my house for over three hours reading different posts.
                    being born in Southbend he has always had a soft spot on Studebaker. he never worked for SB but his father and brother did until closing