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1952 Mobilgas run movie

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  • 1952 Mobilgas run movie

    I Don't think this has been posted before, but I do think a lot of people will find this interesting and fun. Note the very impressive mileage results at the end. Wow!!

    I wonder who's got that trophy now.
    " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.

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    Between 2:20 and 2:25 in the video, there is a '52 hardtop shown. It is not shown or mentioned thereafter.
    Dave Lester


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      I know there is another thread going on here about fuel economy and after watching this video I began to wonder why it is so difficult for any of us to get that kind of mileage out of our Studebakers today. After giving this some thought I have come to some theories which I would invite comment on. Here goes:

      First off, the gas today is not very good.
      Then, we drive differently today than 50 years ago.
      Starts from lights are often faster
      We tend to drive faster
      There is more traffic so we are in stop and go traffic more

      Does anyone have any other ideas on this?
      Ed Sallia
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        What's also interesting is that that mileage was obtained with at least 2 people in each car (remember, they had to have an official ride with them). I assume with just one person in the car, it would have been even better.
        " the exception in individuals, but the rule in groups" - Nietzsche.


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          The drivers of these cars used some techniques that are not available or advisable to the average modern motorist. Some of those techniques:
          -overinflating the tires
          -keeping the windows closed no matter what the outside temperature
          -driving more slowly than modern traffic would allow
          -shifting into 3rd overdrive as soon as possible
          -shutting off the engine and coasting down long downgrades in neutral
          -backing the brake shoes way off to avoid any kind of drag on the drums

          Overinflating tires, coasting downhill in neutral, driving slower than traffic, and backing way off the brake adjustment are all things that could be considered unsafe in modern traffic.

          Plus, the quality of the gas has already been mentioned.
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            I like that shiny dark commander 4 door at the beginning. Love to have that car now, lettering intact! Also a lighter colored land cruiser, and a Champion 4 door. Can't tell if the hardtop is a 6 or 8, but it's nicely optioned up with skirts, bumber guards, and "starliner medallions". It says press car on the fender, so maybe it rode some Studebaker PR folks.


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              Here's an earlier post form the guy that uploaded the film.


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                AWESOME film!! 1952's are my favorite year, so it's great seeing them drive in towns and highways of the era. I wonder what those ski bunnies were talking about....?


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                  I would really like to know what mileage that 'Press Car' got. I'm guessing that was the vehicle from which the road segments were shot.