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Dinner in Lexington Ky

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  • Dinner in Lexington Ky

    We are heading to the Parkette in Lexington Ky for dinner tonight...if there is anyone in the area drop by....look for the Wagonaire.
    Bill Foy
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    A very interesting place to visit is Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington....housing the International Museum of the Horse...
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      good choice for "supper" - dinner is around noon in the south!

      here's a link to the old thread, in case you missed it or can't find it... http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...ight=bardstown

      wish i was there!!!
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        I guess I should check the Forum more often, the Parkette is only 3 miles from my house.... They are currently adding on to the inside dining area, Diners, Dives and Drive In's was here a couple of years ago. Lots to do here including the Horse Park, Ashland, the Shaker Village and of course the Bourbon Trail.
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          What brings you (or brought you) to the 'States, Bill? BP
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            We were just out getting our "jollys" in our Studebakers. We dropped in on the Whisky City Cruisers in Bardstown - the only 3 Studebakes there, a '64 wagon, a'64 HT and a '63 Avanti. We didn't encounter any other "driving Studebakers" on our 2000 mile journey!