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    Im going to share this story here. And on the Sbdc. Its not truck related but i think y9ou all will enjoy it.

    I graduated high school in 1987. yeah im old yet Studie young. In early 1989 I worked at a Lotus dealership In Long beach california.

    I Loved being 19 and driving those Epirit. Our mechanic was considered one of the best Lotus mechanics around. Mario ( yes that one) Used to keep his lotus race car there at our shop. A old one but cool. I got to meet him. I got to go to the Long beach grand prix and run the track with one of our cars. This is not the best part of this story.

    I was the guy who washed all those customer cars, or drove the flat bed to pick up the cars for repair. When you own such a car the dealers dont make you pay for towing. I drove some amazing cars.

    Lotus, Martins just amazing cars we evene had some of the bond cars come through. To be my age now and drive some of those.

    The boss comes and gets me one day he tells me to take a car over to the Station and get some fuel in it. Then take it over to a dealership for some pictures. Then to bring it back to the shop and put it in the back. So I go to put it on the flat bed he says NO, It can not fit it will bottom out. Drive it, Here is a dealer plate for it

    So I head off, I get the fuel. Then its off to the dealership for pictures. Beautiful car but the windows are all blacked out cant see inside. Because the inside is not yet completed. I figured I was driving a restoration project. But it had a seat and was driveable. Off to the parts store. Now this thing was mean sounding and im a 19 year old. I got on it a little. Here comes the red and blues.

    Seems I was doing 34 in a 30 mile hour zone. Ok so he pulled me over to see this odd car im sure. After he informs me there is no plate... I figure out the dealer plate is missing.

    We cant figure out how to open the hood, there is NO VIN numbers on the dash.

    A hour later, with me in hand cuffs and sitting on the sidewalk.. My boss shows up with some paperwork.
    He gets it all cleared up. No officer it was not a stolen car... It Was at our shop for us to care for while it was making some rounds to GM dealers.

    What was I driving ?

    The Prototype for the 1990 4 door Avanti

    I used to have the ticket in a photo album with a picture of the car, yes i still got the 4mph ticket because i wanted the thing to keep it as amemory. It was all lost in a flood along with the pictures of the 1967 Tbird i put through a brick wall at 50MPH.

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    Well THAT story held My attention all the way through......Glad You're still around and in one piece!


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      Man, what a story!! It's too bad the scrapbook with the ticket and other memories was lost. The good news is that by sharing them on forums such as these, the stories may likely outlive us all!
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