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Rare Chevy Studebaker Commander

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  • Rare Chevy Studebaker Commander

    I just saw this rare Chevrolet Studebaker Commander and thought someone might be interested:

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    Well there you go! I knew GM had axed LaSalle, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. I never knew they had axed Studebaker Division as well!
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      Will this urban legend ever cease????
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        Maybe it has an SBC?
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          Someone searching for a '55 Chebby is going to get a surprise.


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            here's the original ebay ad.(NLA). no mention of ch*vy anywhere:

            who knows why the other ad says "ch*vy". maybe trying to get a bigger audience to see it? i've seen a couple of non-studes on studebaker ebay listings lately. idk...
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              Or this reposting website can't handle anything out of the ordinary.
              Jim K.
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