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Zip Van operator's manuals $4 each shipped

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    Originally posted by beatnik64 View Post
    As the seller,
    I'm glad to hear so many of you are happy with your piece of Zip Van history. I'd like to fill in some of the blanks regarding the posting that Studegary left, not as a defense (i'm not offended) but as an explination.

    The reason that I listed the Operators Guide as an "Owners Manual" was that when people search for items like this they do not search "Operators Manual" they seach "owners manual" I thought it would help increase traffic to looking at the item. Truth be told, just about all studebaker manuals say "Operator Manual" but again no one puts in a search for "operator manual".
    Thank you. No offense was meant. I was just trying to clarify things with the Zip Van. I think that your price was extremely low. If you ran an auction for each one I believe that you would have gotten more.

    I just looked at a sampling for Studebaker cars from the same era (1961, 1963, 1964 & 1965). They booklets are all named "Owner's Guide".
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