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Thursday eye candy 6-6

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  • Thursday eye candy 6-6

    How about another 4X4 on 6X6?
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    Ah, HA! Ed Ellis' former 4X4 at the 2002 (or was it 2007?) SDC International Meet, right? Studebaker never, ever produced a truck with paint of that high quality. That truck is perfect. BP
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      Could be a MAACO. Truck is super nice. I saw a 92 Chebbie 1/2 ton at my friends shop the other day sporting a new 1700.00 worth of red single stage urethane MAACO Supreme. Dothan AL. Never a buffer applied to it. As shot. Twas nice and I'm picky,picky. Truck wasn't a rag to start with. Door jambs and inside the doors were not shot although a new fiberglass bed topper was included. I ain't LION. jimmijim
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        Nice truck. Always wanted a Studebaker 4x4. One day I might find one or someone might have one for sale at the right time.


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          Nice stance. That is a great looking truck.
          Ed Sallia
          Dundee, OR

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            Trucks just don't get any better looking than this.
            Joe Roberts
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            '65 Cruiser
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              First time I've seen that particular picture of Ed's truck... very nice!
              sigpic1959 4E2D 498 Studebaker Scotsman 4X4



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                I remember admiring my further enlarged presence on the door of that thing. Impeccable black finish.
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