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    I installed a wiper motor in my 54 Champion and with the engine running about 1000 revs the wiper motor worked but at idle it would stop. To remove the unit the radio had to come out, when I got the wiper motor out and disassembled I found that the brushes were replaced and in new condition however they were installed cross ways. The brushes were pre arced to fit the commutator and I noticed two very thin lines on the outside edges of the commutator and that was when I realized they were wrongly installed. I was prepaired to throw it away but thought I would take a look.Dave M

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    good catch!
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      Good for you. I've re & re'd some supposedly rebuilt parts that were screwed up. Sad comment on what passes for integrity from some of those folks.
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        Just wonderring here... Some 6V motors that don't use a perm. magnet field, can be rewired so that the two field windings are in serries instead of parallel, and they often will then work OK on 12V. (I say "OK", because they will still probably draw more current than desired, since the armature is still wired for 6V. But, for occational use, might be "OK".) Anyone know if the 6V wiper motor in my '54 can be converted to 12v in that manner? Doubt I'll ever drive the car in the rain much...


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          Corley, i'd probably try to find a "voltage reducer" 12V to 6V to wire up the 6V wiper motor to a 12V system.

          that's if they are still around - haven't done one since around 1970 when i had a 6V parts car that i used some electrical parts on a newer model 12V car. ('59 Renault Dauphine parts to a '63 - my 1st car at age 15)...
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