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  • Amazing Limited Time Studebaker Offer

    As many of you know I have been having a rough time in my fight with cancer. It has really put a big time crimp in my Studebaker activities. My wife and did manage to complete the repair and restoration work on the 1952 Studebaker Camper. We made it to the Pismo Beach Vintage Trailers show and it was a big hit. Because time is not my friend at this time we would really like to sell the camper and get rolling on the re-creation of my first car a 1959 Silver Hawk. That will require the camper being sold as all of our money is now financing the health care industry including our 401's and savings. So here is a limited time special offer only being offered here.

    Until June 15th any SDC member can purchase the camper for only $15,000 (currently listed at $22,500). A 1/3 deposit will be required that will be used to complete a couple of mechanical upgrades that will enhance the drivability and durability of the camper and finance my trip to Colorado. The catch is you will need to take delivery of the camper at the SDC Interntional Meet in Colorado or I can drive it to your location after the meet. I have never been to an international meet and it has been on my Bucket List for five years now. I plan to drive the camper with my friend Dan, a fellow Stude guy and then we will fly back to Califonia after the meet. I have some very dear friends who I would love to see who live in the Springs and they have even offered to let me park the camper in their driveway while at the meet. So my wife gave me permission to post this deal in the hope that I will get to make the trip while I am still able and on disability.

    So I am flexible as to the details of the deal and so if you want to own a one of a kind Studebaker that you can drive anywhere and I guarantee you will have the only one there at every meet, car show, cruise and any other event you attend. You will have no problem finding your vehicle in the parking lot of your local Walmart. So is anyone interested? Please PM me as soon as possible as you can certainly understand the time crunch.

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    Sounds great, Dan. I know how much work you have put into this rig and she will be a very sturdy and dependable truck and camper for the lucky buyer.
    Love the patina.
    Ed Sallia
    Dundee, OR

    Sol Lucet Omnibus


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      I sent the info out on an email to a lot of Stude folks... GOOD LUCK!


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        Thank you

        Thank you for helping me get the word out. Hope it can turn into a blessing for all involved.


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          So firstly, selling the truck that came your way free to reduce expenses of fullfilling your ultimate bucket list dream of running a borrowed car with borrowed parts,volunteer help and donated monies on the salt became the bucket list dream of making it into multiple attendances at multiple venues, and then secondly by being advanced $5000 of the sale to fund your bucket list dream of attending a national meet, which would hopefully make contacts to fulfill your bucket list, thirdly, make contacts and raise money and parts through those contacts to achieve your bucket list dream of building a 1959 first love Silver Hawk Dream Car.

          I was all behind you when the first car started. I offered a set of R3 heads, transmissions, rear gears, blowers and other parts. And when you saw your dream come true, I thought, wow. If he is doing ok, he could find someone in a similar situation and offer his help. What a great legacy and inspiration this could become for the Stude and racing community. Being the benefactor of an incredible outpouring of humanity and then paying it forward as a real class act. Instead we got more "I'd like to do this bucket list item now and if I make enough money on donated stuff sold, I can have an even bigger bucket list dream for me after that."

          Color me underwhelmed. Absolutely the worst I have ever felt about the people in the Studebaker community
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            WOW! What a strong rebuke. While it lacks accuracy in it's content I have always felt that there is some measure of truth in every criticism. At first I was hurt and then upset that you would post this type of comment in a public forum. I would have expected you to send me a PM with your thoughts. Had you done so I would not find myself having to correct your mis-information which I must admit my lack of communitcation lately could have a part in.

            First, while it is true the truck was originally given to me by a wonderful couple who wanted to support me in my pursuit of the dream it was not exactly what you would call road worthy or even human friendly. They told me they gave it to me for two reasons, one, they knew it would be a blessing to me and my wife. Secondly, they knew that if it continued to sit at their house it was going to be cut up and lost forever. They knew that if I took it it would get back on the road and be used it a good way. If you go back and read the posts you will see that the engine ran but poorly, the driveline had a host of issues, the wiring needed to be completely replaced, the gas tank was rusted out, the brakes were non existent, the tires were shot, the suspension needed work and the list goes on. The interior of the cab was dirty but Ok but the interior of the camper was completely not fit for a human being to sleep in, let alone live in for a week of racing. I spent three months and countless dollars out my pocket to replace the engine, clutch and flywheel, trans, front axle, rear axle, the entire brake system, new wheels and tires, completely rewired the truck and added wiring for both the camper and trailer, added a trailer hitch, new gas tank, a $400 driveshaft, and fabricated all the mounts for the engine, trans and center support and so much more.

            As for the camper my wife, family, friends and I gutted the interior and then purchased new foam and upolstery and drapery fabric and more and then scrubbed and scrubbed until it was habitable. There was hundreds of hours invested in the camper by a handful of people. Bottom line, do I have a significant financial investment in the camper. You bet I do and I am still spending money on it. And for the record the donated monies were spent on the Avanti, the camper was a completely out of our pocket venture. I just bought over $500 in lumber and other items to make the camper even better and stronger.

            Second, I have the full blessing of the people who gave it to me to sell it. I fact I had lunch with Les this morning in Lompoc and Tom who sold it to Les was there too and they both are wishing me the best on the future. The part where you misunderstood my intentions is in assuming that I am going to be asking for donations or some other help with the future car project. Since the medical community has all of my money including my retirement the only way I can move forward with another project is to sell something. Since the only thing of value that I own is the camper, it has to go. Do I want to sell it? No I would love to keep it and use it for future endevours. But if do that then there will be no future Studebaker project. It's a simple matter of math. By the way my wife is the biggest cheerleader of re-creating my first car. She wants us to work together on a the car as a way to keep connected and keep me from going crazy and not taking care of mysef.

            As for paying it foward, there are a number of people here, on the RS site and in my community who are or have recently benefited from my help. While I have not posted any of these things it's how I chose to do it. So fear not I will not be asking for a handout or any other freebee from you or anyone else. The Studebaker family has been there for me for the last six years and I have not been shy about giving thanks to those who have helped me live out a dream that was nothing short of miraclous. So I have said my piece and I move forward. If the camper doesn't sell I am not sure what I will do as far as my future projects are concerned but I will cross that bridge when it presents itself.