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Rare and unusual 1937 Coupe Express presentation

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  • Rare and unusual 1937 Coupe Express presentation

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    Picked up this '37 J5 Coupe Express item a while back. Pretty scarce item. This is the only 2nd one I have seen, the other in the Studebaker National Museum. Measures 11 X 8.5" and on heavyweight matte paper. Images are glued on.
    Richard Quinn
    Editor emeritus: Antique Studebaker Review

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    Very cool! I can just read it though it is a bit fuzzy. It spells out all the features and advantages that are apparent upon examination of the truck in detail in person.
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      ...and two decades later, Dick, Ford introduced "an entirely new idea" in motor vehicles...or so they would have us believe, per the opening paragraph:

      (Actually, I'm just sure I've seen Studebaker's exact 1937 words, "an entirely new kind of vehicle," used by Ford to describe the Ranchero....'not enough time to pursue their plagiarism this morning, though!)

      'Neat '37 J5 brochure, for sure...and what a costly piece to have made, as you describe its assembly. BP
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        Well...when I saw your title to the thread...I thought...isn't everything about them rather "Rare and Unusual?"

        Do you suppose the one you have could have been a very limited prototype used in an "inside the company" meeting where marketing proposals were being discussed? Having the images glued on would be how some studios could easily prepare a few different variations back before the days of digital photography and copy machines.
        John Clary
        Greer, SC

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          For a limited production brochure perhaps this was standard practice. Just guessing.
          Diesel loving, autocrossing, Coupe express loving, Grandpa Architect.