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Host hotel for IM - a room might be available.

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  • Host hotel for IM - a room might be available.

    It's not official until I get the paperwork, but I got word today verbally that my vacation time won't be approved for the International Meet.

    I'm going to try and make at least one day work if I can. If nothing else I'd love to attend the member meeting to watch history being made as well as the free indoor fireworks show.

    If I can make one day work, I'll still use the reservation, but if I can't even make a short trip work, I have to cancel my room at the host hotel. When I worked in the hotel industry, our standard policy was not to use waiting lists. I don't know if there's a waiting list at this hotel or not, but when I call, if there isn't, then I'd like to just transfer my room to someone who wants to stay at the host hotel at the club rate.

    If you're interested in a room at the host hotel, shoot me a PM. It's a basic room, I believe with one bed, but maybe two doubles, I can't remember. If I call and find out they don't do a waiting list, I'll let you know, and then have the reservation switched to your name.

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    PM sent. Thanks, Jim for the offer